Gold Medal Pets™ Health Products

Clean & Dry Ears

  • Mild Cleansing Liquid - cleans, yet is mild to the tender ear canal
  • Aloe Vera - soothes the canal and reduces irritation caused by purulent discharge due to hair, weeds or other debris in the ear

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Tear Stain Remover

  • Gently cleans the tear stains from the fur around the eye.
  • Highlights the natural color of the coat.
  • Does not contain alcohol or bleach.

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Breath Spray for Dogs

  • Convenient Spray - Easy to Administer
  • Neutralizes Mouth Odor
  • Helps Reduce Offensive Bad Breath in Pets

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House Breaking Aid

  • Spot Trains Puppy to One Spot
  • Use on Newspaper, Concrete, Dirt or Grass
  • Gradually Move Newspapers Outside to Desired Area - And Spot it!

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Clean Ear Wipes

  • Aloe Vera gently softens and soothes the delicate skin inside your pet's ears.
  • Lemon and Marigold help clean away dirt and debris as well as odors.

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Clean Eyes for Dogs & Cats

  • Gently washes away irritants or foreign matter.
  • Reduces redness caused by dust and air pollutants and allergy causing irritants like pollen.
  • Excellent for Use After Swimming to wash away chlorine.

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Clean Ears

  • Cleans Ear Canal
  • Dissolves Ear Wax and Loosens Wax Build-Up
  • Reduces Odors
  • Excellent for Use Before or After Swimming
  • Contains no Alcohol

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Groomers Ear Powder

  • Use for relieving irritated, itching
  • Dries up moisture, reduces bacteria growth due to moisture
  • Used to help groomers grip and remove excess unwanted hair
  • Especially Good for Dogs with Drop Ears

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Ear Mite & Tick Control

Made with natural Pyrethrin Insecticide, Ear Mite & Tick Control helps reduce itching and eliminates ear mites and ticks.

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Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder for Dogs

A quick and safe aid to stop bleeding, Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder is the perfect tool during nail clippings, declawing, tail docking or for those little nicks and cuts.

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