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Full Life For Pets
Crazy Pet Childrens Foundation

The Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation’s Grant program was established in 2009 by Tony de Vos to provide Grants to existing Children’s Educational Foundations, Animal Foundations or 501 [c] (3) Non-Profit Organizations that have a program to teach children about pet care and offer hands-on experiences with animals that will provide character-building opportunities and incorporate the use of the Foundation’s “Characters Building Character” program through the use of the “Back Bones of Character” worksheets, artwork, stories, song, books or lesson plans.

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Cardinal - A Solar Powered Company

Cardinal Pet Care
Your Partner In A Professional And Responsible Pet Industry

Cardinal was founded in Los Angeles in 1948, and today occupies a sprawling, modern and environmentally responsible manufacturing and research campus that covers more than 73,000 square feet in Azusa, California.

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