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Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Cardinal is proud to be a GREEN COMPANY. As of 2010 Cardinal became the first 100% Solar Powered production facility in Azusa, CA. and one of pioneers in Green Manufacturing for the pet industry in the United States of America. We are currently able to save over 28 tons of CO2 from going into the atmosphere every month. It’s our goal to constantly Reduce Our Carbon Footprint and become more sustainable every month.

You are visiting a Solar Powered Website. Solar Power also runs our Email and our FTP site. Large size art files travel by SolarSendIt. Cardinal is dedicated to the environmental directive of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle whenever possible.

The Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards

Since 1988 Cardinal has supported the dog grooming community by creating and awarding professional grooming awards in six different categories. Nominations and voting are done by members of the grooming industry. The awards are now presented annually at the Superzoo trade show in Las Vegas.

The Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation

The Crazy Pet Children’s Foundation’s Grant program was established in 2009 by Tony de Vos to provide Grants to existing Children’s Educational Foundations, Animal Foundations or 501 [c] (3) Non-Profit Organizations that have a program to teach children about pet care and offer hands-on experiences with animals that will provide character-building opportunities and incorporate the use of the Foundation’s “Characters Building Character” program through the use of the “Back Bones of Character.”

We Love and Are Devoted to Pets

All of us at Cardinal love and have pets and as a company we are Devoted to Pets, People & the Planet. Our mission is to be planet friendly while providing eco-friendly pet products that improve life for people and their pets.