Bring Out the Diva in Your Dog!

Groomed Dog

9 Steps to Spa Grooming For Your Own Dog

  1. Pre-Bathing: Clean Ears (Cleaning, Plucking) and Eyes
  2. Pre-Bathing: Brush out Mats and Tangles – Special Treatment
  3. Bathing – Choose a Shampoo Suited to the Coat Type of Your Dog
  4. Massage Shampoo into the Coat for deep cleaning and stress relief
  5. Drying: Towel Dry by Hand or Use A Special Dog Approved Dryer
  6. Nails: Trim Toe Nails With Care or File with Emery Board, Polish
  7. Hair Clipping?? – Let’s leave hair cutting to the Professional Groomer
  8. Scented Grooming Sprays for Long Haired Dogs or Colognes for Short Coats
  9. Hair Bows for the Ladies or Bandanas for the Guys

Daily Treatments

Brushing, combing, talking, fussing (reposition bows, spritz of cologne) Eye wiping, potty routines,