Counter Display Starter Kit

Ooh-La-La Dog SPA! DisplayThis Limited Offer Introductory Starter Kit is the perfect way to acquaint your customers with the basic shampoos and spritzes in the Viva La Dog Spa! line. It holds three each of the three 16oz. shampoos (White Coat, Oatmeal & Petite Puppy), 3 each of Pink Poition Conditioner and two each of the three 8oz Grooming spritzes which coordinate with the shampoos..

Viva La Dog Spa! products use the power of aromatherapy and luxurious formulas to make bathing a dog enjoyable! Decadent scents last long after bath time is over. Eight ounce Grooming Spritzes, which detaingle, take out static and leave the coat soft and fluffy, take their fragrance inspiration from popular perfumes and body care products. Tropical Fusion has undertones of fruits and matches the scent of the 16oz. Oatmeal Shampoo. Cucumber Melon has a sweet but crisp scent and matches the White Coat shampoo. Powder Puff Spritz is a fresh blend of the very popular baby scent and matches the Petite Puppy Shampoo. The Pink Potion Conditioner has a flower scent that blend well with any shampoo.

When dogs smell fantastic they are more likely to be included in family life and living in the house. Enjoying a bathing experience is also contributes to the health of the dog because regular grooming alerts the family to changes in the dog's skin or coat conditionns, scrapes or scratches they may have that need to be taken care of or burrs and weeds that have become caught in the coat.