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6 New Ways to Pamper Your Pets

Viva La Dog Spa is Excited to introduce six new products that help us all Pamper our Pets. We cater to our pets and we want them with us all the time! And, if they’re going to be with us: in the house, in the car, on our laps and yes, we admit it, on our beds –maybe even our pillows! – we want them to smell divine. Rest assured, all of the new products do!

Viva La Dog Spa Boutique Shelf Display

You’ll find the new Boutique shelf display at Petco in
the shampoo & conditioner section, right at eye level.

Viva La Dog Spa Travel Kits

The Travel Kits contain one 2oz. shampoo and one 2oz. conditioning spritz – aren’t the boxes cute?!? The boxes with the white dots have the same Cucumber Melon fragrance in the full size White Coat Shampoo and Cucumber Melon Spritz! The Oatmeal Mango shampoo and spritz are in the striped box. The travel kits fit easily in our purses, pet carriers or glove compartments so it’s easy to keep them handy!

Viva La Dog Spa Rescue Me! Deep Conditioner

Rescue Me! Deep Conditioner is especially made for Poodles, Cotton de Tulears, Maltese, Shih Tzus, L’Hasa Apsos, Bichons and Bedlingtons – or any dog with very dry or matted coats. It’s ultra rich and works on any type of hair (including people!)

Viva La Dog Spa French Moroccan Oil

One of the most exciting new products is one we took from the beauty counter at the best hair salons and department stores – Argan oil! Our Viva La Dog Spa French Moroccan Oil is the same luxurious blend you might find in those stores. If your pet has dry or scaly skin or small patches of extra dry coat, put a few drops in your hand and rub it on the dry spots. If there’s any left on your own hands, rub it around! We are absolutely sure that your dog won’t tell if your skin gets softer and moister because you “accidentally got it on your own skin or hair.” S/he will know because they feel your soft skin and they’ll see the shine on your hair… but there’s no one more loyal than your dog!

Viva La Dog Spa DEVOTION Designer Fragance

Because there’s no one more loyal than your dog, we named our new designer fragrance, DEVOTION. DEVOTION is not only the main characteristic of our dogs, it’s our promise to them too – to be devoted! It’s a relaxing blend of soft floral scents that’s both playful and feminine. Imagine a light mist of fresh flowers with the soft, clean scent of raspberry on a warm day. It’s a winner!

Mini Viva Dog Facial Wipes

The same luscious designer fragrance is in our Mini Viva Dog Facial Wipes! (You can still get the original 4” facial wipes too.) They’re so handy for quick clean ups of chins and whiskers after meals or for dirty paws or nether areas. They have a conditioner in them too! We keep them handy in the glove compartment . (They’re good for people too- don’t tell!)