Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1: What does Cardinal Pet Care stand for?

 Cardinal Pet Care is Devoted to Pets, People and Planet.
i. Mission is to provide eco-friendly pet products that improve life for people and their pets.
ii. Vision is to create a cleaner world for pets and the people that care for them.

Q2: What brands are under the Cardinal Pet Care umbrella?

A. Crazy Dog, EcoBath Manuka Honey, Full Life for Pets, Gold Medal Pets, Pet Botanics, ONLY Healthy Source™, Remedy+Recovery, and Viva la Dog Spa.

Q3. What products are available from Cardinal Pet Care?

A. Cardinal Pet Care specializes in dog treats, dog shampoos and grooming products, pet first aid products and recovery collars (cones).

Q4. I’m a retailer, how can I carry Cardinal Pet Care products?

A. We work with several distributors and wholesalers including Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, United Pacific Pet (UPP), King Wholesale Pet Supplies, Rio Grande Service Center, Veterinary Service, Inc. (VSI), General Pet Supply and Freedom Pet Supplies (Canada). Please contact your local distributor to find out how to set up your account.

Q5: Where can I find out more information about Cardinal Pet Care products?

A. Each of our brands has its own website with detailed product information. You can also submit a message on the “Contact Us” page or call our customer service team at toll-free 1-800-433-7387.