Our Brands


Crazy Dog

Born from consumers constantly showing us pictures of their “crazy dogs” the Crazy Dog brand celebrates the fun that pets bring to our lives. Bright colors, fun label directions and yummy scents.


Pet Botanics

Pet Botanics dog treats have meat as the first ingredient and include Botanifits to provide enhanced benefits.


Full Life for Pets

Full Life For Pets, treats made from high quality protein and all fresh ingredients. Fully cooked and ready to eat. A healthy alternative that your dog will love.

Only Healthy Source™

Our promise starts with our name: Only Healthy Source™. We use ONLY top-quality ingredients for a healthy source of nutrition. Proudly independent, our family recipes are made in smaller batches for a homemade taste. Turn a treat into a gift of love.


First Aid at First Glance. Every dog needs First Aid products occasionally – for bug bites, small injuries, and after surgery care. Remedy + Recovery products are easily identified by their red and white labels.

Gold Medal Pets

Every family has a “Gold Medal Pet!” The Gold Medal Pets brand is a line of “Professional” dog grooming shampoos and health care products with luxurious formulas and scents.



Only EcoBath™ Natural Manuka Honey Products are made with Honey Hygiene™ to Help Heal, Cleanse and Beautify.

Viva La Dog Spa

This brand is for pet parents who dote on their dogs and want to create a spa experience for their pooch in the comfort of their own home.